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The college cab is available to all and can be used in case of emergency.

Books & Liberary

The college Library Nurtures the knowledge seeking curosity for all the constituents of the college


While student explore college playgrounds they are building important life skills that will eventually help children become effective.

Qualified Teacher

The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher”. This can seem like a simple enough statement.



“Narayan Degree College was established in year 2012 in the memory of great son of native soil Pt. Raj Narayan Pandey with a vision to provide equal higher education opportunities to the students and aspirants of local surrounding area of every class. This college is managed by a trust called "Narayan Memorial Charitable Trust".
Management of this college is committed to impart quality higher education and to provide a healthy environment to all students, well suited for their holistic growth and development to make them a true asset of our nation.
The college aims at sustaining an environment whereby students can excel in scholastic activities, demonstrate superior learning and develop intellectual capacities and skills that prepare them for service to the society.
Narayan Mahavidyalay believes in the all-round development of its students and therefore leaves no stone unturned to ensure this. Every effort made is evident whether it is in the maintenance of the rich library, induction of highly qualified faculty, nurturing a healthy learning environment and running various programs. In a nutshell Narayan Mahavidyalay stands out as a pioneer of higher education in village arena for more than a decade. The vision of Narayan Mahavidyalay is to be an institution of education par excellence in contemporary context.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a caring, healthy and challenging environment where children prepare to meet with confidence, imagination and integrity the challenges of life.

In partnership with supportive families we strive to develop in each child the desire and discipline to grow in wisdom, to lead lives of personal honour, to embrace diversity, to appreciate beauty, to pursue physical well being and to interact with others with a generous and compassionate spirit.